Robert Rose (1)

Keynote Speaker

Robert Rose
Co-founder & CEO, Reliable Robotics 

Past, Present and Future of Aviation Safety

Aviation is what it is today because of incremental improvements in aircraft technology, airspace management and operations, many of which originated in the DASC community. With each small step forward, aviation has become safer and more accessible to more people and markets. The future of aviation safety depends on continued innovation in our industry.

Executive Portrait Of Tim Booher

Keynote Speaker

Timothy Booher
Vice President, Combat Systems

Boldly Crafting Code in Aerospace and Defense

We stand at a pivotal moment in our industry with the ability to dramatically improve the experience of building cyber-physical systems. Advances in computer science, specialized processing and the arrival of large-scale applications provide a uniquely powerful opportunity to dramatically increase speed, quality and business value — while making work in our industry more meaningful and fun. Advanced security technologies will allow for safety and security to merge into correct construction. Specification and automation will allow for the automatic testing, verification and generation of code to formal standards, enabling engineers to focus on design and construction with minimal time spent on testing and verification. Type safe languages combined with secure hardware will obviate whole classes of vulnerabilities and accelerate testing. All these capabilities will allow for testing and integration to focus on higher-level design goals, bringing engineers closer to the system-level effects.


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